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Lador Triplex Natural Shampoo 530ml

IDR 230.000

It contains good and healthy ingredients for scalp such as blackcurrant, green tea callus, lavender oil, tea tree lead oil, turmeric extract, lemon oil,etc. Triplex Natural Shampoo contains green tea callus culture fluid, which is a plant stem cell ingredient, and blackcurrant extract which is natural raw material, turning hair glossy while making damaged hair and scalp healthy and sheen.
Using natural raw ingredients, it protects sensitive scalp with soft and not-irritating cleansing, alleviates dandruff and itching from sensitive scalp without irritating it, soothes blushed oily scalp with turmeric, Pulsatilla Koreana Extract ingredients, and adjusts excessive sebum secretion, thereby maintaining refreshing scalp. Does not contain artificial surfactant, artificial colors, and silicon. It takes care of hair and scalp with naturally extracted healthy ingredients that are rich in nutrients. It maintains scalp balance with sub-acid pH, and various plant extracts supply moisture and nutrients to dry scalp with Eco-certification extract to be used on sensitive scalp without irritation. Tiny and soft bubble cleansing