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Hillary Farm Thai Honey Vinegar 250ml

IDR 199.500 IDR 285.000

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Product of Thailand

Today's affluent lifestyle often leads us to consume food which contains excessive animal fats and proteins.  Over a prolonged period, these saturated fats, which continuously clog our body system and manifest as toxins and lipids are harmful to the human body.  On a quantam scale, our body becomes increasingly under siege and will become unable to detoxify itself.

Unlike commercially available vinegar, our pure Honey Vinegar is specially derived from the natural fermentation process that brings along the pure honey taste and fragrance.  It is rich in enzymes and the compound is an acid drink that restores the pH balance in our body.

Reap the benefits of Honey Vinegar

  • Restore pH balance in body.
  • Promote detoxification
  • Aid in nutrients absorption