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Happy Tummy Teething Rusk - Quinoa 56g

IDR 31.500 IDR 35.000

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EXP 12/2022

Happy Tummy teething biscuits are a safe and effective way to help your children deal with the pain of teething. Your child's sore gums are stimulated and soothed as he gums the biscuit and gnaws at it with his teeth. 

Happy Tummy Teething biscuit also helps strengthen his jaw, training him for other solid foods.

Happy Tummy Teething Biscuit is a perfect choice for baby and kinds because it is:

• Easy to hold to promote children motoric skill
• Wrapped individually for freshness.
• It’s Baked, Not fried
• Reduce discomfort with the pain of teething by soothing children sore gums.
• Help to strengthen children jaw, preparing him for other solid food.
• FREE from Preservatives
• FREE from Artificial Coloring
• Certified Halal

Net Weight 56 g