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Dr Soap Fabric Care Wash Iris Green 100ml

IDR 46.000

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EXP MAR-2023

Why choose dr soap ?

1. Passed clinical lab test by official & accredited third-party institutions
2. KEMENKES Registered no PKD 20202120635
3. HALAL Certified
4. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified on packaging
5. Plant-based, eco-friendly, biodegradable
6. Concentrated
7. Cruelty Free
8. No SLS, EDTA, Paraben, Phosphate, Chlorine, Artificial Colour, Harsh Chemicals
9. Refillable & Recyclable Packaging

Can be used for washing batik, silk, linen, mixed fabrics, hosiery, lingerie, underwear, bras, swimsuits, sleepwear, PJs, and other colorfast delicates. This also safe for washing baby clothes.

Make-up tools such as brush (synthetic material or goat/squirrel brush) & beauty blender, shoes, hats, towels, cleaning pad/cloth, fur materials, tote bag, etc.


- Hand Washing Method

Dispense 1-2 pump of dr soap Fabric Care Wash into cold water. Add delicate clothes, wash gently as usual. Always rinse well until all soap residue has been removed, then allow to dry. Treat stains while fresh. Some stains will require repeated or longer treatments.

- Washing Machine Method
Front Load washing machine : 30ml per wash (can be customized)

Top Load washing machine : 30ml per 10liter water

- 500ml pump : 1.5mL/dispense, total ≈ 334x dispensing

CAUTION : For external use only. Wash hand thoroughly after using. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse eyes thoroughly with water. Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, drink 1 glass of water and consult a doctor immediately.