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Buds Organic Save Our Skin Lotion 50ml (Cheries)

IDR 260.000

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Save Our Skin Lotion is first-aid-in-a-tube that is great for healing minor cuts, abrasions, scratches and insect bites. It soothes, treats, heals and strengthens sore and wounded skin. Organic Aloe Vera Juice soothes sore and wounded skin, while Organic Tea Tree Oil has antiseptic, anti-bacterial and microbial properties. Organic Shiso Extract calms while Fructan and Organic Sunflower Seed Oil hydrates. There is also Alpha-Glucan Oligosaccharide to strengthen skin and inhibit bacteria growth. Olive Leaf Extract and Organic Vitamin E are anti-oxidants that fights against free radicals in the body.

Pertolongan pertama pada luka seperti lebam, lecet, tergores, bekas gigitan nyamuk dll. Cukup dioleskan pada tempat yang terluka.

Organic Cosmetic