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The Pure Lotus

The Pure Lotus - Jeju Botanical pH Balance Cleanser 150ml

The Pure Lotus - Jeju Botanical pH Balance Cleanser 150ml

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Formulated with The Pure Lotus’ unique Jeju Botanical Complex Extract, this unique cleanser invigorates tired skin while sweeping away dirt and grime and removing makeup. Featuring 5% of Jeju Botanical Complex Extract, an extract of 8 plants found on Korea’s famed Jeju Island, this cleanser has potent brightening and cleansing properties. Lotus leaf extract, in particular, The Pure Lotus’ core ingredient, naturally contains antibiotics and flavonoids that have anti-aging properties and help protect skin from free radicals. The 2-in-1 nature of this cleanser makes it truly unique, effective as both steps in a double cleanse routine. It pumps as a thick gel texture with a bright, citrusy scent, and it can be used, on dry skin, as a gel cleanser that removes makeup and, on damp skin, with added water, as a foam cleanser — and, yet, even after being used twice in a row, the cleanser won’t strip skin dry but leave it soft, hydrated, and clean.

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Skin Types

Dry Skin
Normal Skin
Oily Skin

How to Use:

Apply a liberal amount to dry skin. Massage gently into skin in a circular motion, adding a little water while massaging. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

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