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Schar Maria Biscuits Gluten Free 120gr

IDR 70.000

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 The perfect plain biscuit for gluten free baking! Use in your favourite slice and cheesecake recipes or simply enjoy as a snack on their own

| wheat free | gluten free | vegetarian | preservative free |

Maize starch, vegetable margarine (palm fat, coconut fat, water, canola oil, emulsifier: monoand diglycerides of fatty acids (E-471), natural flavour), maize flour, sugar, modified tapioca starch, eggs, whole milk powder, sugar beet syrup, emulsifier: monoand diacetyl tartaric acid esters of monoand diglycerides of fatty acids (E-472e), raising agents: ammonium hydrogen carbonate (E-500), sodium hydrogen carbonate (E-503); salt, natural flavour.

May contain traces of soya and lupine.