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Schar Gluten Free Crackers 210gr

IDR 103.000

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Schar Gluten Free Table Crackers Description
* Europe's #1 Gluten Free
* Ideal with Various Toppings or Eaten Plain
* New Recipe - Amazing Taste
* Gourmet
* Light & Crispy Texture
* No Preservatives
* Certified Gluten Free
* Wheat Free
* Lactose Free
* Non-GMO

Schar has a long-standing legacy of providing consumers a universally carefree and pleasurable dining experience backed by its widening array of gluten-free products. A trusted pioneer in the field, Schar is relentless in creating innovative foods with an authentic European flavor that can be enjoyed with confidence. With decades of research and experience, and  headquartered in Burgstall, Italy, Schar is committed to serving the celiac and gluten sensitive communities across the globe.