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Lador Wonder PIC Clinic Water 100ml

IDR 170.000

Perfume protein hair mist
Protects hair from damage, provides necessary oil to hair

1. Tangled hair prone to static during dry season
2. Those that want to reduce heat damage to hair while using styling tools
3. Damaged hair caused by frequent hair coloring and perm
4. Those that are longing for soft and silky hair

How To Use:
1. Shake thoroughly before use. Spray 3-4 times evenly over wet or dry hair from a distance of about 10 cm. Use on dry and damaged hair anytime during the day.
2. Shake thoroughly then apply over hair before and after hair coloring, bleaching, and perm procedure.
3. Spray on tangled hair before proceeding with haircut.

Caution For Use:
1. Should areas of skin turns red, swells, itches, have any abnormal symptoms or side effects during or after usage, please consult a medical specialist.
2. Do not use on wounded areas of skin
3. Precautions for storage and handling a) Keep out of reach of children b) Store away from direct sunlight
4. In case of product entering eyes, rinse off immediately.