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Herbilogy Green Tea Latte 10 Sachets

IDR 115.500

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EXP 08/2022

Herbilogy Green Tea Latte, latte base powder with moringa, green tea and matcha. From the source into your cup. Natural and plant based, No artificial flavors or colors, No preservative, Soy-Free, Dairy free, No coffee, Vegan, Gluten free.

Ingredients (each sachet of latte base contains):
Matcha powder, Green tea extract powder, Moringa (daun kelor) extract powder, Sea salt.

How to Make:
1. Mix one sachet with 1/2 glass of hot waterm, stir well.
2. (optional) Mix coconut sugar into brewed latte base
3. Pour 1/2 glass of warm mylk to the mixture
4. Put ice cubes if desired.

Close tight after use. Store in a cool and dry, away from direct sun exposure, and under 30 derajat Celcius. keep awal from children.