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Follow Me Anti-Itch Ph Balanced Shampoo 650ml

IDR 139.000

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Follow me HIJAB Hair Fall Solution
 With Habbatus Sauda Seed Oil & Fig Extract
 Developed with Habbatus Sauda Seed Oil, Fig & Green Tea Extract to Strengthen Weak Strands and Nourish Hair from Root to Tip
 Prevent Tangling and Split ends without weighing hair down
 pH-Balanced Shampoo restores natural Bounce and Shine
 Offer 48 Hours Lasting Freshness

Follow me HIJAB Anti - Itch
With Habbatus Sauda Seed Oil and Promegranate Extract
With ZPT, Habbatus Sauda Seed Oil, Promegranate & Green Tea Extracts
Relieve and Soothe Itchy, Flaky Sclap and Effective for Mild Cases of Dandruff
Offer 48 hours lasting Freshness
pH -Balanced to restore natural bounce and shine from root to tip