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Dr Soap Fruit Salad and Dish Wash 1L (Before Breakfast)

IDR 179.000

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Antibacterial, Dermatologically Tested, Allergen-Induced Free, Food Grade

Plant-powered liquid wash with 0% chlorine bleach. 100% natural blend using anti-bacterial ingredients.
Clean is easy! dr soap Fruit + Salad and Dish Wash is a liquid wash made with plant-based ingredients. This has been lab-tested to effectively cleanse and remove dirt, fights grease from tableware; removes the chemicals, waxes, bacteria*, soil, and pesticides while keeping produce fresh longer! No SLS, Dyes, Phosphate, Parabens, Chlorine Bleach; completely safe for the whole family and the environment. Moisturizes, gentle on skin, concentrated, and low suds.
*)Based on an accredited lab test for bacteria E. Coli, Salmonella Typhi

Available in 2 Size (500ml & 1000ml) in scent Before Breakfast

[Fruit + Salad]
Take a container containing 1 liter of air. Add the fruits and vegetables you want to wash. Then add dr soap FSD 1 teaspoon or less than 5 ml (adjusted to the number of fruits and vegetables to be washed) into the container. Just leave and soak for 1 minute. Rinse and dry.

[Tableware + Baby Utensils]
Take a container containing 200ml of water. Add dr soap FSD as much as half a teaspoon or less than 2.5 ml (adjusted according to the number of tableware to be washed). Wash with a sponge or brush. Rinse with clean water.


[Buah + Sayur]
Ambil wadah berisi 1 liter air. Masukkan buah dan sayur yang mau dicuci. Lalu tambahkan dr soap FSD sebanyak 1 sendok teh atau kurang dari 5ml (disesuaikan dengan banyaknya buah dan sayur yang mau dicuci) ke dalam wadah. Diamkan saja dan rendam selama 1menit. Bilas dan keringkan.

[Peralatan Makan + Peralatan Bayi]
Ambil wadah berisi 200ml air. Tambahkan dr soap FSD sebanyak setengah sendok teh atau kurang dari 2.5ml (disesuaikan dengan banyaknya peralatan makan yang mau dicuci). Cuci dengan spons atau sikat. Bilas dengan air bersih.