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Lador Anti Dandruff Shampoo 530ml

IDR 230.000

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This product contains ‘Climbazole + menthol + root extracts’ which help alleviate
dandruffs, refreshes and deeply cleanses scalp, and its oriental medicinal extracts
alleviate itchiness and scalp irritation.
1. Low-irritant surfactant: Contains ‘lauryl glucoside,’ natural surfactant and cleanses
scalp softly.
2. Removes dandruffs: Contains dandruffs care ingredient ‘Climbazole,’ which inhibits
dandruff germs, and ‘menthol ingredient’ refreshes the scalp.
3. PH5.0 slightly acidic: Maintains the optimal oil/moisture balance without irritating
4. Alleviates itchiness: Oriental medicinal extracts such as Polygonum Multiflorum
Root, Angelica Gigas Root, and ginseng alleviate itchy and irritated scalp due to
sebum secretion.