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Lador Dermatical Hair Loss Shampoo 530ml

IDR 365.000

A functional natural shampoo that helps decrease hair loss as a product that received of certificate of hair loss alleviating functional cosmetics through the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
1. low-irritant surfactant: Cleanse the scalp softly by containing ‘lauryl glucoside’, a natural surfactant
2. Alleviates and soothes itchy scalp: Makes scalp clean by containing plant extracts such as shrubbly sophora root, Chinense Fruit Extract, and Angelica Gigas Root Extract.
3. 4-FREE (not added): Appropriate for sensitive people by excluding, sulfate, artificial color, artificial scent, and silicon ingredient.
4. Contains plant oil: Produces low-irritant soft bubbles and cleanses hair by containing plant oil, which is chosen instead of silicon

How to Use
Wash hair in lukewarm water, pump the product 2-3 times to take an adequate amount.