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The Pure Lotus - Camellia Mist 80ml

IDR 190.000 IDR 380.000

Kami kehabisan stok untuk item ini.

1. Camellia is rich in antioxidants, shielding your skin from environmental factors like UV exposure making it the perfect summer skin accessory
2. Vitamin C rich citrus extracts brighten skin, addressing dark spots and hyperpigmentation
3. Lavender extract soothes and imparts a lovely yet subtle aromatherapy component to the mist
4. Allantoin and betaine are natural anti-inflammatories, soothing and even smoothing skin for a more even complexion in both tone and texture
5. Eucalyptus contains natural antimicrobial properties to help prevent bacterial acne while also imparting a lovely cooling effect when applied to skin

Skin Concern:

Skin Types:
Dry skin
Normal skin
Oily skin