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Lador Perfect Hair Fill Up 4 x 13ml

IDR 175.000

Best-selling product with no.1 sales in the hair ampoule category
A choice for burned hair, melted hair, and hair with all nutrients washed away
Solving sheen, nutrients, and softness with 4 essential ingredients that consist keratin + collagen + ceramide + silk amino acid hair! Strong hair ampoule La’dor Hair Fill-up that went viral
Giving powerful protein and collagen to hair damaged due to dyeing, perm, etc.
1. Supply of high-enriched protein: Containing high-enriched protein, it supplies protein which is an essential element for hair and makes it firmer and healthier.
2. Supply of keratin, collagen, and amino acid: Containing keratin, collagen, and amino acid, it supplies essential elements to hair.
3. Maintenance of hair balance: It adjusts the oil and moisture balance of hair, maintaining moist
4. Damage intensive care: Rich in great nutrients for hair, it gives an intensive care to hair.
5. Protective effect during perm & dyeing: It minimizes hair damage when used before perm and dyeing or mixed with a dyeing agent and perm agent.

※ Hair fill-up that turns into cream when mixed with cold water!
Please mix in 1:1 with cold water.